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As your first point of contact, please call the office staff (Miss Jolley, Mrs Marva and Miss Hussain) who will happily deal with your enquiry.


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Assessment Information

Please click the link below to access our School performance:

Why do we assess children?

  • To inform how each child is performing facilitating staff to respond to individual needs and plan accordingly.
  • Using continuous assessment methods to play a key role in helping schools to improve outcomes.
  • Using a range of strategies to promote improvement at class level, individual pupil level, significant groups of pupil level and whole school level.

Welford’s Vision for assessment

Our vision for assessment is that it facilitates successful progress for every child, ensuring they are ready for the next phase of their learning journey. 

How we will assess pupils at Welford:

Statutory requirements:

  • Reception – EYFS profile
  • Year 1 (and 2) – Phonic checks
  • Year 2 – End of KS1 assessments
  • Year 6 – End of KS2 assessments

Other assessment strategies used at Welford:

  • Termly progress tests (For example: Rising Stars)
  • Marking and feedback (See our Feedback policy)
  • Peer to peer assessment
  • Self-assessment

Tracking Progress at Welford

We use a tracking system called OTrack and regular pupil progress meetings to ensure that every child is making progress from their individual starting points. Where relevant, support is put into place with measurable, targeted interventions.


OTrack and Summative Assessment

We use OTrack to record pupil’s attainment against the National Curriculum objectives. We do this with a series of codes

SEND – Special educational needs (more in-depth tracking highlights children’s progress) please also see our SEND section on our website.

WT – Working towards

EM – Emerging

EXP – Expected

ABM – Above but not yet working at greater depth

M – working at greater depth.

How do we use our assessment information in school?

Every term members of our senior leadership team meet with class teachers to discuss the assessment information during a pupil progress meeting. This ensures that every individual child’s progress is discussed so we can celebrate successes, address concerns and discuss our next steps.

How do we share assessment information with parents?

At Welford we believe it is important to share assessment information with parents.

We do this through:

  • Termly parent consultation meetings
  • Annual reports
  • Statutory assessment outcome reports
  • Barriers to learning meetings

Mrs Bradbury is our assessment leader, should you require any additional information about assessment at Welford please contact her and she will be happy to discuss.

Whole School Data Report - 2018-19

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